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About Horseley Farm

Looking down on Horseley farm from to of hill

We are a family farm situated in the South East of Scotland, just north of Berwick Upon Tweed. The land lends itself best to mixed use so we have both livestock and cereals. The 850 acres are split so that roughly half is grassland and half is used for crop production. There are around 1000 sheep plus 60 cattle.

View of fields beside East coast railway line

A rotation is used on the farm to ensure the soil remains fertile and well structured. This allows a 'recovery' period after cropping of about four years on the better, lower land and about seven years on the higher ground. There is a variation in height between 100ft and 800ft at the top of Horseley Hill. This means that the higher land is not as suitable for wheat and as a result about two thirds of the arable land is used to grow spring barley, usually destined for malting. Silage and hay are used to feed the animals through the winter when they are all sheltered inside the buildings. Lambing is split into two groups with the first being around February and the second at the end of March. Most work is done by the family with seasonal labour being brought in for lambing where one extra person is used during the day whilst another is on night shift.

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