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FWAG Environmental Report

Horseley Whole Farm Conservation Plan

September 2001

Prepared by Borders FWAG:

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Conservation Map

1.  Introduction

2.  Objectives

3.  Work-guide

4.  Farm Features

          Hedges and Hedgerow Trees 
Field margins
Ponds, wetlands and watercourses
Species Rich/Unimproved grassland
Dry stone dykes

5.  Farm Operations

6.  Zero Budget Options

7.  Grant A

8.  Contacts

9.   Biodiversity

10. Fwag Technical Notes

       Field Margin Management
       Planting New Hedges
       Hedges, Field Margins and Shooting
       Hedge Shape and Shelter
       Hedge Trimming
       Hedge Features for Wildlife
       Pesticides and Field Margins
       Slugs, cereals and Slug Pellets
       Creating a Barn Owl Box

11. the Rural Stewardship Scheme

12. The Borders Tree grant scheme

13. Wild Bird Cover on Set-aside:   options for management


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